About Us


Dharma Yoga LA opened its doors in August 2008 with the aim of bringing high quality yoga to underserved communities. Thanks to founder/director Sonya Kendall, the devoted teachers, dedicated work-studies, staff and supportive students the center evolved into a non-profit organization “S Enchill Wellness” in 2013.

The certified nonprofit enables the center to receive donations and grants, and in turn provides tax benefits to donors. Classes at Dharma Yoga LA are more affordable than anywhere else in town. Dharma Yoga LA operates “by donation” meaning clients who purchase class cards and monthly packages primarily support the center although those who prefer pay whatever they can contribute. The center is administratively run by the director and a team of karma yoga- selfless service, work-study staff, all with stellar yoga practices, who work at the center in various capacities for discounted unlimited yoga. If you are interested in joining the Dharma LA work-study team inquire by emailing dharmayogala@gmail.com.

As a nonprofit the center has demonstrated solid commitment to providing yoga to youth since opening, offering affordable alternative healing methods such as acupuncture and Reiki and currently partners with other nonprofits to provide yoga to women who are victims of domestic violence and homeless outreach. We are always looking to expand programming through connections in the community. If you wish to contact the Executive Board with an opportunity to serve a deserving population, send an email to dharmayogala@gmail.com.

Sonya E. Kendall left the practice of law longing to work for social justice in a more meaningful way and was at the same time tired of being “the only person with brown skin” in the advanced yoga classes she was taking in Santa Monica. “Yoga is a system of divine techniques specifically designed for self improvement and wellness through physical, mental and spiritual health, but like other valuable resources Yoga is generally only available in affluent communities. Yoga should be for everyone.”

Your contribution to S Enchill Wellness helps ensure that Dharma Yoga LA keeps its doors open, operating seven days a week, year round.

Your donation will help:

• Expand S Enchill Wellness’ programs and offerings

• Promote wellness and peace in our society by providing a safe place for high quality instruction in yoga, meditation and other healing modalities.

We thank you graciously for donating! By blessing us- you have blessed yourself!

To donate contact Sonya E. Kendall at dharmayogala@gmail.com.