Sonya E. Kendall
Sonya Enchill Kendall is founder and principal instructor of Dharma Yoga LA and Executive Director of the non-profit organization S Enchill Wellness. In August 2008 with support from the Divine, her mother, and the community she opened Dharma Mittra Yoga LA, now known as Dharma Yoga LA, seeking to make high quality yoga, meditation and other healing arts accessible to underserved communities.

Sonya is a certified Dharma Yoga instructor and completed 200-hour Life of a Yogi Teacher Training in October 2007 and 500-hour training in March 2011. Sonya has had the honor of assisting Sri Dharma in teacher training in San Francisco, at various demonstrations in Los Angeles and at Bhaktifest in Joshua Tree, California. As a beginner to yoga she earned accreditation in Bikram Yoga, teaching in Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Bangkok, Thailand and Tokyo, Japan. Sonya earned certification in Vinyasa Flow at YogaWorks, is a Pilates mat work instructor and with great blessings studied Iyengar Yoga at the Iyengar Institute in Pune, India. Sonya is also a Reiki Master, trained in the Usui Tibetan lineage from her teacher Eleonore Koury, and enjoys sharing the luminous gift of Reiki.

Sonya comes from a dance background, a graduate of the official school of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York City. She was a dancer and competitive gymnast as a child and high school student growing up in Los Angeles. Sonya was introduced to yoga by her mother as an adolescent and then later returned to the practice as yoga emerged as a powerful healing modality from the rigors of classical dance. Mrs. Enchill Kendall, a lawyer who graduated from UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law, practiced on the Federal Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit. In pursuit of social justice she felt a yearning to integrate the various forms of her education to provide the healing and uplifting art of yoga to a community where there were few opportunities.

Sri Dharma Mittra’s physically dynamic, meditative and devotional teachings brought Sonya to realize her dharma- life’s purpose and the blessing to open Dharma Yoga LA came perfectly. Sonya aims to guide students to find the light within themselves and is honored to teach such a receptive community. Sonya has a loving, supportive husband who also studied with Sri Dharma and together they have a daughter and a second child on the way.



Joan Sargent

Joan Sargent is a certified Dharma Yoga instructor who Joan_Wheelcompleted 200-hour Life of a Yogi Teacher Training in August 2008. She started practicing Yoga in the early 1990s while working a full-time job in corporate America, and it was in fact Joan who first introduced daughter Sonya Enchill as an adolescent to the practice of yoga-something that she feels has enhanced and deepened their mother-daughter relationship over the years. In sharing the joys & benefits of Dharma Yoga Joan’s special interest as a teacher is with seniors, people new to yoga and those of all ages with limited mobility who desire a more fulfilled and
healthy life.



Alison Hahm- Seasonal Instructor

Alison Hahm completed “Life of a Yogi Teacher Training” Alsions_posewith Sri Dharma Mittra in August of 2008 at the age of sixteen while she was still a student at Venice High School in Los Angeles. Introduced through their parents at church, Alison’s yoga journey began at age eight when owner/director Sonya was hired to teach Alison yoga, gymnastics and dance privately after school. Now Alison is a recent graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz in the fields of philosophy and politics.

Although Alison is moving on to pursue other endeavors she comes home
to Los Angeles periodically and makes a special point to visit her “yoga
home” practicing and teaching at Dharma Yoga LA.



Nina Roberts

Nina Roberts is a certified Dharma Yoga Instructor who nina_posecompleted the 200-hour Life of a Yogi training in 2010. She completed an additional 300 hours in 2014 under the guidance of Andrei Ram. Nina is certified in Therapeutic Yoga, has completed Yoga Teacher Training with Erich Schiffman, and has specialization in Yin Yoga. She is also a Registered Nurse and former academic instructor. Nina was drawn to yoga through a yearning to deepen her relationship with God. The passing of her beloved Grandmother and the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda magnified this yearning. Through her yoga practice, Nina has learned to embrace the principles of kindness (Ahimsa) and truthfulness (Satya) as essential components in her life. Sri Dharma Mittra was the “light” that guided her to these principles and provided the wisdom to unlock their significance. As a teacher, Nina serves to guide students toward connecting with their breath and flowing through each pose with comfort and ease; her goal is for students to find their inner state of peace and contentment.




Beverly O’Donohue

Beverly O’Donohue began her yogic journey in search of beverly_posethe Higher Self at DMYLA in 2009, and was greeted with great compassion and love. In June of 2012 Beverly attended the 200 Hour LOAY Teacher Training in NY under the loving guidance & instruction of Sri Dharma Mittra. Becoming an instructor has given Beverly a new opportunity for self discovery, she adds, “The same spiritual light in all beings is a piece of the divine being that makes up this entire world, universe, and beyond… we are one.”

Referencing her classes, Beverly says, “The Dharma Gentle sequence allows students to move with ease and breath and is a class that can be altered to one’s needs and abilities while strengthening body and mind. This sequence is perfect for someone new to yoga and is also a great wind down class for even the most advanced practitioner.” Beverly’s Dharma 1-2 class is described as “all levels” on our schedule because she is an intense and powerful instructor- all the while with a sweet demeanor- as Beverly puts it Dharma 1 is “the foundational sequence, a class that allows students to challenge themselves and is a perfect platform for anyone wanting to deepen their practice. Beverly is known for leaving students in postures for extended periods, holding the poses in meditation, “leaving the ego or the small “I” in order to invite the big “I”, the spiritual self,” to help one grow. Since April 2014 Beverly is also a Reiki I and II practitioner which invites healing through touch. Beverly concludes, “My mission in life is to live a life true to the Yoga Sutras, to lovingly share this knowledge through voice and action in search of the Self through selfless devotion. Om Sri Dharma Mittra Om.”



Gary Mark

Gary Mark has practiced yoga for the last three years gary_poseand studied Bikram before finding Dharma Yoga Los Angeles. He has spent the last year studying intensely and teaching at Dharma Yoga LA. Gary completed his LOAY 200-Hour Teacher Training and Certification at the Dharma Yoga New York Center in June to September 2013. Gary is currently enrolled in the LOAY 500-Hour Teacher Training at the Dharma Yoga New York Center. Gary is a yogi who leans towards svadhaya- study of the Self through sacred texts, is an avid reader of spiritual books and works on balance between his home life,
working a corporate job and his devotion to the path. Gary’s classes are meditative and true to the Shiva Namaskara series set forth by Sri Dharma Mittra.


Stephanie Morrell

Stephanie practiced transpersonal psychotherapy in Stephanie_PoseLondon for 15 years before returning to her native USA in 2007. The meeting point of the body and the psyche is the subtle body, and Stephanie’s passion for promoting health and balance led her to a 300-hour yoga teacher training in Tibetan Heart Yoga and joyfully, to her teacher and beacon, Sri Dharma Mittra, with whom she has completed both a 500 and an 800-hr teacher yoga teacher training. Stephanie lived and taught in Charlottesville, Virginia, from 2007-2014 and has also taught in New York City, London, Lausanne (Switzerland) and at YogaJam in Floyd. She moved to Los Angeles in August 2014
and is happy to be teaching at Dharma Yoga LA.




Instructors from other traditions


chigusaKundalini Yoga Intructor- Chigusa Saga
Chigusa is RYT 200 hour certified Hatha yoga instructor having trained with Master Sudhakar Dheenan and Dr. Madhavan at Pure Yoga Hong Kong. A native of Japan, Chigusa became a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor with Guru Singh, Gurudhan Singh and Amrit Singh at Yoga West in Los Angeles. She has been practicing yoga since 1999 and was awarded a bronze medal in the Asana competition at the 17th International Yoga Festival in Pondicherry, India in 2010. Her classes are for every one of all levels and all ages, blending varieties of yoga styles, to meet everyone’s unique abilities and needs. She is passionate to share the wonders of yoga practice with others!


HughQi gong Instructor- Hugh Morrison
Hugh Morrison’s interest in Qi gong goes back to the 1970’s when he was first introduced at a meditation training at the Arica Institute. A few years later his formal studies began in the Tao Tan Pai System (Taoist Elixir System) at the Taoist Sanctuary in San Diego and Taoist Institute in Los Angeles and later privately with Si Hing John Davidson a Tao Tan Pai Abbot and senior teacher. Tao Tan Pai is a wholistic system of Kung Fu, meditation, Qi gong and physical and herbal medicine, which originated in China and can be traced back to the Tang dynasty. The paramount mission of Tao Tan Pai system is to uplift society with personal cultivation, spiritual practice and a life of service. He was ordained as a Taoist Priest in 1983 (Honorable Servant) and honored with a Black Sash ranking in 1987. His studies have expanded into science based Chinese medicine, which he has taught for many years. In deference to the mission of Tao Tan Pai system he teaches and works with the California Acupuncture Board to improve the health of the country by preparing acupuncturists for mainstream practice. Hugh is also a devoted husband and yogi.

orangeyogiSwami Laxman Das – Kali Natha Yoga
Swami Laxman Das is a 500 hour accredited teacher with Yoga Alliance.  He shares “Kali Natha Yoga” at Dharma Yoga LA which is the yoga of the mystic. The Yogi stretches for the Universe, and then goes inward to the Universe inside.  He has been teaching for over 30 years.  When one does Kali Natha Yoga with intent, the positions and asanas consume the chaos of the mind.  Swami is also the founder and Executive Director of a local 501c which feeds the homeless of Los Angeles county called “Under the Bridges and on the Streets”, since 1993.  Senchill Wellness is proud to partner with Under the Bridges in service to our community.  Swami Laxman notes “Service keeps your life balanced, so you can do more without burning out”.

monickMonick Halm – Hatha and Vinyasa Flow
Monick Halm studied alignment-based hatha and vinyasa yoga with Noah Maze and Sianna Sherman and received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification from Yoga Maze in 2014.  Her vinyasa flow classes include meditation, pranayama, stretching, toning, strengthening and quite a bit of sweat in a playful and supportive atmosphere.