Sonya Enchill Kendall is a magnificent teacher. Her caring sensibility, her commitment to the growth of students and clear mastery of yoga asana undoubtedly make her a powerful teacher. Dharma Yoga LA is an oasis of the body, mind and Spirit right in the center of Los Angeles. I appreciate the community and enjoy practicing with her when I can.
-Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder and Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center


As a yoga practitioner and teacher of many years, I see Dharma Yoga LA as a true yogic sanctuary. Sonya is not only a master practitioner, but a master teacher. She is interested in the student’s growth and focuses on the need of each student. I love her and the Dharma sequencing. It takes me deeper into places I didn’t think possible. This is a true yoga center where you can learn asana, philosophy and offer your practice in sweet devotion.
-Leigh Simran Brown

When I discovered the DMYLA studio after moving to the Mid-City area, I had no idea what lineage I would be practicing. I believe when we are receptive we attract what we need for balance. When I first heard Sonya express during class that this is a Yoga of devotion and that we do it simply because it needs to be done, that we renounce the benefits back to God and during this meditation we tap into our dharma, our life’s purpose… I felt my heart vibrate and knew that I’d found my Yoga teacher. I have been equally challenged and nourished during my practice with Sonya for over almost three years and feel honored to also practice Karma Yoga amidst my DMYLA sanga. I remain devoted because this support continues to ground me through life’s transitions, as I have been able to maintain my focus and further explore my dharma by immersing myself in my personal growth and spiritual developmental journey. I have grown as a student and as a teacher and I am grateful. So Hum…
-Kyona Beatty

My name is Louie Smith and I’ve been a long time student at DMYLA for a number of reasons. DMYLA is located in a solid working class neighborhood. This distinguishes it from most other studios that are located in high rent areas. This is important because it exposes the benefits of yoga to a broader group of people who would otherwise not have access to it. In the past I drove my car from the Crenshaw district to the Larchmont area for instruction. Now I take a 15 min bike ride to class and feel good about saving gas and not contributing to the problems of pollution and traffic. I also feel good about supporting my local school as opposed to a corporate chain.

I’ve made great strides in my practice because of the instructors and the Dharma curriculum. I’ve practiced at various schools for years before coming to DMYLA and only here have I been able to get a grasp on postures like headstand, sage, camel, crow and wheel. I use the example of asans to represent my growth because they are physical and easily used to measure progress before I couldn’t do it and now I can. But I know the real benefits are internal and hence more difficult to quantify. But I can say as the years have gone by that I’ve become more loving, more understanding, more forgiving, more open and less angry. Transformation can either come from the inside out or the outside in.

I owe all my progress to the DMYLA teachers: Sonya, Joan, Nina, Beverly, Kelly, Gary, Nino, John and Chigusa. Currently my schedule allows me to learn from Sonya and Chigusa. Sonya’s Dharma 2 is a challenging flow class. Sonya lovingly encourages us to fulfill our higher potential through our practice. Some postures I can’t do but there is no judgment and falling out of posture is encouraged. I enjoy the feeling of my body becoming stronger and more open and my spirit grounded. Chigusa’s Kundalini class compliments the Dharma 2. In Kundalini the breath takes precedent over the physical movements. It is not a flow but the high amount of repetitions of the exercises it physically challenging. The style was strange to me at first but Chigusa presents the material in a way that is fun and exciting, so I look forward to the class every week.

DMYLA occupies a crucial space in my life. It strengthens my body and nurtures my being. I will be part of DMYLA for many years to come.
-Louis Smith, faithful student


I practiced yoga at your studio briefly when I lived closer by. I am looking for help, I am going thru a very difficult and stressful time and I found that your yoga studio and the people are very natural, humble and real. I still receive your newsletters and the last one mentioned that you guys also offer acupuncture and Reiki. I would be very grateful if you can give me some more information about these services.
– Behnoush Mousavi

After moving to LA a few years ago I have searched and visited dozens of yoga studios in hopes to find one to call home. Although I enjoyed many studios (the more yoga the better), I still couldn’t find a studio that embodied the physical practice but most importantly the spiritual practice into one.

After visiting DMYLA for the first time, I knew I had found what I was searching for. I attended their spiritual discourse classes and fell in love with the owner Sonya Enchill and the staff. Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable. The classes are designed for EVERYONE. This isn’t your pretentious studio with lululemon clothing and electronic check-ins. This studio is beautifully adorned and full of students at mixed levels from beginners to the very advanced, elderly and youth. The staff knows you by name. As a certified yoga instructor, I encourage friends and family to give DMYLA a try above any other studio. This is a place of non-judgment and for those serious about feeling well physically and mentally. If you haven’t visited this warm studio yet, give it a try; you will be forever grateful, as I am, forever grateful, forever receptive. OM shanti shanti shanti.
-Ana Paz

Practicing Dharma Yoga has unequivocally changed my life. The access
that Dharma and Sonya have provided to the postures, meditation and breathing practices as well as the yogic scriptures has been such a gift- all of it has guided me on my path towards a deeper knowledge of the self and has been the springboard for my spiritual development. Dharma’s style of yoga helped to open my heart to receive healing
energy and love on a very deep level. As the years have gone by, the practice has become even more effective and nurturing to my spirit. I am so grateful to be able to have a practice which illuminates my soul, strengthens my body and brings me so much joy. It is the perfect support in leading any kind of positive life imaginable, as it brings you closer and closer to who you really are, connecting with the light of all things. Dharma Yoga has helped me heal and grow and I really can’t imagine life without it. THANK YOU!!!
-Love, Imari Thomas

DMYLA has been very important in my life. It has helped my path become that much clearer. I’ve been a student of DMYLA for about 4 years now and it has definitely kept me striving to figure out my purpose in life, my dharma. Being able to understand the history of yoga helps my practice of yoga tremendously. From the day I was able to know right from wrong my mind has been a battlefield good fighting against evil, evil fighting against good, but through a pattern of continuous practice I’ve been taught how to slow my thought process down and focus on my dharma and service to mankind. Practice of the postures alone is like “spaghetti without the sauce” Dharma once stated to a friend of mine, I thank Dharma Yoga LA, for giving me thorough teachings of Yoga.
-Robert Boyd

“This yoga studio is heaven, the best ninety minutes of your day. Sonya is a born guru and the most skilled, compassionate and knowledgeable yoga instructor in Southern California. She will wow you with her grace and encourage you to do what you think you could never. She is strict yet sympathetic and gives modifications for beginners and those with temporary injuries. There is a vinyasa flow warm up…”

“Having practiced yoga for over 10 years, I know what I need in a yoga studio to feed not just my body, but my spiritual heart and soul. Dharma Yoga L.A. exemplifies this and I truly feel blessed to be a part of this special community.

And a community it is – the level of the classes may change, but the love and grace that flow through each practice does not. We celebrate the progress of our new yogi’s, just as we celebrate the grace and beauty of the long time practitioners. It’s never about the perfect pose, but always about meeting the mat where you need it to be. After class, sometimes there is peaceful silence, but often there is also laughter and hugs, advice and admiration. I’ve never felt quite so welcomed by a studio and its community – as a relative newbie to LA, I was somewhat surprised, but very pleased to find it so.

Sonya, the owner, is the heart and soul of this studio and it’s small but amazing community, and her light shines bright. Welcoming and warm, strong in body and heart, but with a gentle soul. She is not a “yoga instructor,” she is a yogi. Depending on need, she is a friend, a talented teacher, a spiritual guide, a shoulder to cry on, a smile to feel warmed by, a peaceful presence. Aum.”
~ Nikki H.